Italian mosaic art shines in the Thai capital Bangkok

The exhibition "Mosaico - Italian code of a Timeless Art" inaugurated.

di Francesco Tortora
Giovedì 30 Maggio 2024
Dal nostro corrispondente a Bangkok - 30 mag 2024 (Prima Pagina News)

The exhibition "Mosaico - Italian code of a Timeless Art" inaugurated.

Italian mosaic art shines in the Thai capital Bangkok
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The exhibition dedicated to the refined and ancient art of mosaic has been inaugurated in the marvelous setting of the Museum Siam. The exhibition can be visited from 28 May to 25 June



 The National Discovery Museum Institute (NDMI) in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in Bangkok, presented the exhibition MOSAICO - Italian Code of a Timeless Art, an exhibition that derives from the intense collaboration between the NDMI itself and the Embassy of Italy in Bangkok. The main purpose of this collaboration is to promote cultural exchange between the two Nations and further stimulate the understanding of different cultures through exhibitions and activities taking place in the cultural field.


The "recognizability" of Italian mosaic art in Thailand is due to the fact that this complex artistic and executive technique has long been applied also in Buddhist temples as well as in ancient royal or official locations. Nowadays, therefore, the two cultural shores - Thailand and Italy - continue a dialogue that has ancient roots and prestigious collaborations which have led, today, to mutual recognition in the cultural field and to wanting to further deepen the artistic knowledge of the two Nations.


The art of mosaic has been cultivated for more than 2,000 years, Italy today is the custodian of the historical and artistic heritage that has developed over the centuries and this exhibition illustrates the variety and richness of artistic experiences accumulated over time. Through very sophisticated digital visual techniques today, the MOSAICO exhibition in Bangkok delivers high definition digitized images to the view of visitors, handhelds with headphones allow you to listen to all the information connected to the works shown in your native or preferred language. A museum guide, therefore, discreet and highly professional.



Among the works on display, you can take a real journey along the entire "Italian boot", Rome, Pompeii, Aquileia, Ravenna, Palermo, Piazza Armerina and Baiae. The exhibition - born and promoted by the will of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation - was organized by the Italian Embassy in Bangkok and by the Museum Siam, under the patrimony of the Ministry itself.

The number of sponsorships that have allowed the creation of this relevant and beautiful museum and cultural experience in its broadest sense is wide and high-level, further demonstrating that attentive, accurate, supportive and open-minded patronage has never shied away in the support cultural promotion activities in representation of Italian artistic wealth in the land of Siam.


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