Paolo’s Deli, a corner of authentic Italian food, presented with kindness, professionalism and a sunny smile
The character named Paolo Guidotti, born in Nigeria and with a rich past of numerous travels and work in different corners of the world is a character with unique traits, who gives an impression of someone who is absolutely extraordinary.
di Francesco Tortora
Giovedì 05 Gennaio 2023
Dal nostro corrispondente a Bangkok - 05 gen 2023 (Prima Pagina News)
The character named Paolo Guidotti, born in Nigeria and with a rich past of numerous travels and work in different corners of the world is a character with unique traits, who gives an impression of someone who is absolutely extraordinary.

“An American coffee please”. A glass of water arrives without needing to ask. A gentle and professional welcome is the hallmark of Paolo’s Deli. The character of Paolo Guidotti can certainly be called nothing short of exceptional. 


Paolo has a face that hints at a life lived with great knowledge, existential maturity and great professionalism acquired with his experience in various corners of the world. The smile that often appears as he speaks to you, with tact, kindness, friendliness and charm comes from a cultured storyteller, which surprises you and illuminates the whole conversation. 


He is not an ordinary character. You sense it immediately when meeting him in person, and learn even more while scrolling through the official information notes on his web profile. 

Paolo is an Italian born in Nigeria. He has lived in Eritrea, South Africa, Italy, the United Kingdom, India, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, and Germany, acquiring a rich international background that allows him to work in multiple cultures. He is fluent in English, Italian and Hindi but can also express himself very well in Bangla, Cantonese, Indonesian, Thai and French. His passion for travel has taken him to more than 60 countries, both for business and leisure, making him a global citizen. 


“When did you decide to move to Thailand permanently and how did you choose to operate in the restaurant industry?” 


I first moved to Thailand in 2003, it was the time when SARS had started, and I worked in production in the clothing industry, and I returned again in 2007.   

In 2008, I decided to take a break from the garment industry where I had achieved major professional success internationally and moved again to Thailand, founding a travel company that offered customized tourism services to clients who very much appreciated the service. 

During this time, I was also involved in the production of photo shoots, including Sports Illustrated in Rajasthan, Io Donna, both in Bangkok and Phuket. 

Regarding Italian Cuisine, I started cooking when I was 7 years old, taught by my father. When I was 18 years old, I started an internship at a Five Star hotel, working in different roles in their kitchen. 

After this, I started to work in the garment industry after moving to Hong Kong, later opening my first restaurant in Lan Kwai Fong in 1992, leaving it to my ex-wife in 1996. During this time, I then continued to work in the garment industry.  

In 2018 I took over a restaurant in Bangkok and was able to achieve its status as being one of the top 10 Italian restaurants on TripAdvisor. The restaurant has now changed its name to "Ailati." 


“It seems that catering and cooking in restaurants were and are more than just a passion, as it is now your profession, right?” 


"Yes, after the first venue opened in Bangkok, I managed different venues and locations, such as Paolo's Deli in Ruamrudee, later Paolo's Rooftop in Mercury Village, and then -during the long period of Covid- I opened Paolo Deli's in Nonthaburi, in August 2021, the location where I am still working now. 


Today he is the founder and fundamental soul of Paolo's Deli, a reality born in the field of Italian catering in Thailand, in Bangkok specifically, but which also offers a professional personalized delivery service for individuals but also for corporate parties, private parties, etc. At the same time, next to the restaurant, there is a store where -for those living in Bangkok- it is possible to buy and taste typical and authentic Italian products, from cold cuts to Christmas Panettone, from pasta to wines and extra virgin olive oils. 

"I prefer importing certified, guaranteed high quality products directly from Italy” - said Paolo – “My vision is in selling Italian food and catering products is to stick to the authenticity of the original dishes of Italian cuisine – a cuisine now famous all over the world - without variations on the theme and without changing the dishes." 


“What kind of clientele usually visits Paolo's Deli?” 


"There are more than 3,000 households living in this area, the clientele is mostly Thai but there is also an International School in the area, so there is a large quantity of potential patrons, who are well aware about what they are looking for when ordering Italian dishes. I always try to respond positively and accommodate the requests of my clientele but without going too far in modifying the products and dishes from their Italian origins." 


“Through your travels, acquaintances, and the various job roles you have experienced, I presume you have been able to witness firsthand all the changes that have taken place over all these years in Thailand. 


How much has this nation changed over time?” 


"Thailand has changed a lot over the years. Just twenty to thirty years ago, Thailand was picturesque and a vision exactly like a tourist postcard that made it very exotically attractive.  

Today we are confronted with traces of that world alongside an industrialization that has been marching ahead and which now places Thailand at the top of nations in the area in terms of economic development and modernization. Of course, economic and social imbalances are evident and persist in various realities of the nation but this is a rather widespread trait in most of Asia." 

All around the venue of Paolo’s Deli, there is a massage parlour, a shopping mall, ATMs, a McDonald's, a large parking lot, a domestic and international shipping centre, an Asian cuisine restaurant, and a cafeteria. Modernism and tradition sit side by side, which is precisely what characterizes contemporary Thailand, the Bangkok of today. 


Paolo’s Deli, Oasis, 359/1 Samakkee Rd, Ta Sai, Mueang Nonthaburi District, Nonthaburi 11000, phone: 094 984 4888 

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